MAKE ME YOURS ALONE Written by Joshua

I see waters over seas, I see men over nations
I see life beautiful despite its dirt and penury
I breathe the same air as wicked men who’ll ruin the world
I wonder what difference I offer for a better place
I walk their land, I swim their seas
I talk like them, so think as one of them
Now I know I am just like every sinner
Nothing of my making makes me better

Across the world, my words travel through the net
For each sane one, I offer another in sin
I sleep around with women I ought to teach
I teach men in words, but they learn from my actions
I am as dirty as the dumpsites of the old Lagos
I want to live right yet again I turn left
Now I know it’s beyond me
Only Your touch will make me better

Lord welcome to my heart, heal my soul, use my mind
Christ have your way, my mortal strength fails me
Cleanse me and make my heart and mind pure
I see no devil, only my selfishness and frailty
Make my darkness as bright as the noon day
My light as the Glory of your presence
Lift me and make me yours alone.

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