IN PRAISE OF YOU A Psalm of Joshua

I do not own a mansion in Dubai’s Palm Island
Nor do I boast a land in Nigeria’s Banana Island
Yet I feel no less prosperous than those who do
That my life is beautiful is because of You
I’ll sing in praise of Your Majestic Splendour

When sin and failure would not let me be
Your Mercy was all I felt and could see
In my weakness I lived on Your strength
Without a shelter I dwelt in your tent
I’ll shout in honour of Your Mighty works

When I could afford nothing, even a meal
You laid before me a feast like a hill
Men thought me wretched, I knew me rich
You bless the birds, flowers You adorned each
I’ll praise You, my whole life I will

Make me Yours all my days and ways
Let your love lead me through this life race
Help me see your face, let me hear your word
Age to age, earth to Heaven you are my God
I’ll live in Praise of You. Alleluia Forever

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