UNAAB ANTHEM DEBUTS 27:02:2010 7pm, Rock City 101.9 FM

History is set to be made as Toliano leads a talented bunch of musical talents on a project that is set to raise UNAAB’S prestige even higher. A University that boasts of no less than three (3) University of the year awards from Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC), the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta , Ogun State is set to take a turn in its quest for continued relevance in the Nigerian Academic community.

A visit to the main campus of the university will show you the need to believe in the future of Nigeria as here you will find architectural beauty at its very best. This has not always been the case but thanks to the unrivalled leadership of Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, UNAAB is without doubt a Nigerian University with a global touch.

In just over two years of taking the reins of leadership of the school as the Vice Chancellor, the result has been nothing short of phenomenal. You see the results of a man fulfilling a glorious vision as you notice a new level of belief and trust across the various tiers of people in the university. From a large expanse of land with nothing but a few structures, albeit beautiful ones to show for being a University, Professor Balogun’s leadership has turned around UNAAB in ways the old guard would have thought impossible. Students attend classes in air-conditioned halls, lecturers move on auto-machines, top-notch, world class hostels, bio-tech structures, sports complex and the likes. The truth is, you would find it easier counting the structures that were on ground before Professor Balogun’s historic tenure than trying to count the ones he built. I once tried when attending lectures in UNAAB. The simple truth is, UNAAB has experienced nothing short of a revolution.

This piece is not about that revolution, some other piece will do that with pictures some other day on this site. This is about Toliano and his aptly named UNAAB All Stars. They are out to celebrate the fabulous institution. Toliano, who you will have to consider a UNAAB Ambassador lead the likes of T-bos, T-izze ,Slim Teaze, Muyiwa, Ehix King, Enormous, Surdaam, Cario, Fabs, Spiff, Balliz Chase, N.D, and Luminous on a hip-hop track that will no doubt enjoy air-play across the nation. With Slim Teaze dropping bars like ‘‘Ama rin d’alabata, see, a ja bata. See awon cabs won se bata bata. UNAAB , we on top the ladder’’. ( We will walk to Alabata, our footwears get torn. See the cabs acting funny…). Muyiwa’s hook also got me tripping ‘‘ If they wanna be ‘us’, they gotta double up now. We are Unaabites, we hold it down’’. Trust me when I say this is a trail blazing move by Toliano and the All Stars.

The good news is, the track debuts on radio tomorrow 27th February, 2010 at EXACTLY 7pm on Nigeria’s Rock City 101.9 FM. The virus will spread from there, you will sure get infected, trust me on that. I will post the lyrics and possibly upload the track on here so you can listen and flow with history.
When our leaders act like kleptomaniacs, perverts and retards, we bombard them with abuses and curses, it is time to celebrate one man who stands out from the crowd of charlatans. This is history baby, don’t you want to dance to it? I am off to Rock City. I love to ride on the wings of change, dancing on the arc of history. Omojuwa.com is a proud supporter of the project. This is yet another proof that Toliano really is the Man In Charge and yes he is a worthy ambassador of UNAAB. I may be out but I am still here always looking out for change. Fabulous No 1. Greatest Nigerian Studentsssssssssssss! And you will say…………

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