It started like every political rumour met with the usual sneer and unbelief but it is now obvious the centre has since ceased to hold between Ex Governor Bola Tinubu and his successor Gov Fashola.Allegations have been thrown around in newspapers allegedly linked to Tinubu and it appears the State House of Assembly has jumped on the trail at the Speed of Usain Bolt in splash shoes by beginning impeachment proceedings.Why else would they set up a probe panel? Fashola’s refusal to grant contracts except through due process appears to be coming to roost as Tinubu and his cronies spoil for war.The prime beneficiary may be the Speaker of the Lagos House who is being positioned for Fashola’s job.They will no doubt be up against the good people and by that the better population of the state.The die is cast.It is the so called God father against Nigeria’s best Governor.Will the people watch and let the people’s governor suffer?

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In the beginning...Let there be Light http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japheth_J._Omojuwa

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