I decided to open my eyes one last time, to see the object of my desire and death one last moment before the impact of the twin metals of death on her body. I wanted to die completely satisfied that this final act was worth it. Based on the trajectory of the bullets, I suddenly realised that only Mariah would die as the two bullets were moving in the direction of her head and her heart. The only way the bullets could hit me now is if due to the fact they were shot at close range, they’d go through Mariah and hit me, killing us both. This depends on the type of gun and the ones in the hands of this Death Messenger’s hands don’t look that sophisticated. The bullets will stop inside Mariah’s body. As the pictures continued to go through my head in slow motion, it appeared my thoughts did too. I could not decide whether to push Mariah away from the path of death or to just let fate decide for us. I thought to myself, if this man decides to kill his daughter, saving her to get myself killed will not prevent the inevitable, that is killing her eventually.
What if I push her and she finds a way to escape? I had to try as her death would not be an issue today if not for the perversion of my heart and the fact that I came into her life. With Mariah still doing the motions and very unmindful of anything else, I tried to push her but I could not because my hands went through her. My hands could not make impact with her body. This was when it dawned on me that I was no longer feeling the sensation of sex despite the fact that Mariah was doing her best to continue the oscillatory sexual movement. Granted I had a myriad of distractions, but having just decided to feel the sensation, I discovered it was not me having sex anymore, it was my body. I heard a pang in my heart and then I felt a sudden explosion in my head. What is going on? I pushed her again and yet again my hands went through her like she was not there. I refused to believe the speculations in my spirit. Are my dead? Surely not! Are my having sex with a dead body? God! Is she a spirit? A dead body! Isn’t that what happens when one dies? Living men lose the ability to touch you just as you lose the ability to touch them even when you can see or even speak with them. Suddenly my primary fear began to take hold of me. Are my a dead man? Can a dead man feel sex? As I asked myself that question, the bullets went through Mariah’s body just like my hands did, like she was not there. When the bullets went through her I immediately concluded she was dead. Dead? When? How? How else could a bullet go through you if you were not some kind of spirit? I didn’t have enough time to decide the implications of having sex with a dead woman when the bullets having gone through Mariah’s chin and belly region, hit me hard on my fore head and the other landed where it was probably proposed for, my heart.

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