LIVING ON MERCY’S KISS written by Japheth .J. Omojuwa

I have since stopped to wonder ever since I knew it’d take forever
In My quest to get off this rat race, I did a few things of disgrace
But with your Love so tender, I always get back in order
Each passing day after every walk along the depths of evil
I offer My prayers but the devil tells me it’s drivel
A fool he is ‘cause I know I live on Mercy’s kiss.

Living on Mercy’s kiss in bliss, keeps me clean from disease
Breathing on your Grace , makes every pain a passing phase
The Grace of your Mercy is the reason they envy
Each passing moment ,in and after every torment
I am draped in your garment but the devil says it’s for a moment
A fool he is ‘cause I know forever I’ll live in Mercy’s bliss.

Living in Mercy’s bliss and kiss ,out of sin and in peace
Looking at your face makes victory even in an unfinished race
The Mercy of your everlasting Grace is all it takes
Each time the tune plays through My phone
I bask in the message of Mercy like a bird freed from a cage
Mercy says no to every fear I know.

Mercy says no as You won’t let me go
Even when I am not in tow, still Your love you show
It shows, it glows and the world knows
Each sin, each fall and through it all I hear you call
I look to your coming as evil prepares for its burning
Your Mercy I’ll know as Your love You’ll show

Inspired by ‘Mercy said no’ a song by Cece Winans. It’s one song I’ve heard everyday as a new message drops In My phone for almost 2 years. My life is a project sustained by God’s everlasting Mercy. I think yours too but only you can tell

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