We need a revolution

First, Congratulations to Nigerians for finally getting something out of their dying President. Little victories count to win any war. Now let me go into my rant or whatever you end up calling it.
Aren’t we deaf ? How else do you explain our common apathy to the destruction of a nation so rich yet valued amongst the world’s poorest ?
How do you rationalise our silence in the face in the face of reverberating sounds of madness from our national and state power houses?
Are we dumb or are we not intellectually sound enough to put our opposition into words and our words into action?
Are we blind or we have simply seen enough, hence decided to turn a blind eye even when our common wealth consistently gets raped by an unrepentant flock of kleptomaniacs.
As usual we are waiting on God. Oh Lord, when in history have You stooped so low to do what men must do?
I hear Nigeria’s young population is almost 70% of the total.
Can you see the power of over 100million people marching their way to power. It took belief, it took hope, a daring one for that matter, it took the strategy of probably the best campaign team in the history of politics but President Barack Obama rode on the voice of American youths to the white house.
When we decide, we can move this nation, when we need to, we can ground this nation, when the time comes we can legally and democratically send them to their villages, their final resting places.
We don’t need to decide how they run this nation when we can run it by ourselves. We can run a government of ourselves, by ourselves for ourselves.
We are Nigerians.
For a long time they have told us to work without pay.
For ages they have sent us to dilapidated schools and even killed our brothers who fought for better conditions.
Our parents have died on queues waiting for stipends as pensions.
Sisters have offered their temple for peanuts in the name of Aristos and fine bara.
Our young promising talents are wasted as body guards and armed robbers, exerting their bodies in menial jobs when the nation needs them to think its way to change.
For five decades they have been selling the future to us, taking more time to swallow more of our hundreds of trillions of naira into their bulging bellies.
Comrades , friends and students have died in meaningless battles against this evil force and a lot more are dying serving the nation but getting killed for religious or tribe excuses. Nigeria ? How sad!
In that period, Nigerians finally decided to speak as one as we elected a man to restore hope only for the said victor to be killed in order to balance the death of a tyrant.

In 1999, we thought democracy had finally come but now we know it is our way of setting demons crazy.
A cannibalistic cabal of charlatans, sucking the blood of innocent men so they can rule over men. Blood Power.
A bunch of people deceiving a people.
They have the power but only for as long as we decide to act deaf, dumb, blind and retarded.
We’ve got ears, let’s listen to the voice of reason and urgency.
We have tongues, let’s hold with the stupid, meaningless songs and speak our way to power. If we must sing, we sing our way to power. Enough of ‘‘blood in hennessy’’ and ‘‘red label in the blood’’ trite. Enough of this ineffective attempt to forget our reality.
Open your eyes to the truth and reality.
Nigeria will again be a great country only when we see the reason to put our heads together, think, speak and act. The earlier we do the better. Who is with me on this?

The only reason Dr. Goodluck Ebere Jonathan was finally installed as President ( ok acting ) is because we refused to stop shouting about the stupidity and crime of a deathly sick man called Umaru Musa Yar Adua ruling us from a Jeddah Hospital and an oxygen box through the use of his cronies and his wife who finds power easier to grasp than English language in her mouth. We need to do more to finally, wholly and completely take this country from the band of Brigands. God bless Nigeria.

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