No matter how seemingly successful a man is, if he is not successful in line with God’s purpose for his life , he is not successful in God’s eye and that’s the whole essence and definition of success. What could be more fulfilling than helping other men find their path to joy and fulfilment ? When one discovers his life’s purpose and assignment , all he needs to do is get started and God through providence provides all the needed resources for his success. How do I know all of these? Why do I believe all these? What is my conviction on these words ? The answers will be incomplete without these words : Godwin Uwubamen.
There are men and there are Men of men, there are men of God and there are Men of men of God. The conventional man of God shares with you the pain, the sufferings and gnashing of teeth that will befall you in hell when you sin but forgets to show you the other side of the story, that God loves you and wants the best for you here on earth and in heaven. When Godwin Uwubamen speaks, the complexities of life become simple as he breaks life’s complex phenomena into simple anecdotes. His life is a sermon. When he tells you you can be a shoe-maker and be a success, he tells you about a once confused protégée who has succeeded in making good shoes and making a life out of it. He is not one to say being a tailor or shirt maker is a possible route to success, no, he shows you another protégée who is doing same, making top-notch shirts and suits and succeeding at it. That gets you convicted without ambiguity that you really can succeed as long as you are doing what God designed and purposed you for.
Godwin Uwubamen speaks from his heart, with the passion of one who wants men to live their dreams, to live on purpose and to discover and fulfil their assignment. Trained as a Quantity Surveyor and real estate consultant, G.U’s book ‘‘Discovering your Assignment’’ has led many to their eldorados , the point where achieving success, significance, wealth and fulfilment comes as a natural result of putting your life’s assignment to work. There’s the story of a young asian man in London who decided to change his mind about committing suicide after reading the fast selling book.
We can speak to death about our bad leaders and corrupt people, but Omojuwa.com will continue to bring to the fore the other truth and that is the fact that Nigeria is equally blessed with People of purpose. These rare breed of people are the shining light in a nation that seems jinxed by darkness in every sense of the word. Godwin Uwubamen belongs to that class of People.
Pastor Godwin is an Associate pastor with Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. He also heads the ministry arm of the organisation, a system ordained to raise role models for the world as envisioned by Rev. Sam Adeyemi. He is happily married to a lady he obviously cherishes as each mention of her name when he speaks to his audience elicits curiousity. You know he wants to say more about her and loves to talk about her even when he finally, albeit unconvincingly changes the subject matter. Seun Uwubamen has obviously got a friend and husband for life. I know it because I have seen him thrice speak about her in her absence. It shows.
The thousands of readers of ‘‘Discovering your assignment’’, the many people who have been privileged to attend the inspirational and impactful ‘‘Discovering your assignment’’ seminar series, past students of Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA), the members of Daystar Christian Centre and indeed anyone who has heard and seen this man speak knows that Godwin Uwubamen is not just another man of God, he is a man of men doing God’s assignment. Let the light keep shining brighter and keeping lighting that of others.

PS: You can get Pastor Godwin Uwubamen’s book ‘‘DISCOVERING YOUR ASSIGNMENT’’ in bookshops or call +234(0)7028269732 or +234(0)8077980548. They give discounts on bulk purchases.

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