My Love Letter…

Hey Sweets,

You open and close my heart like a seal.
On this very day my hope is frail yet hard to kill.
I will try, now not outta ambition nor pride but outta love driven by a passion that cannot die.
You may fly or even soar at the rhythm of my hearty beats, but i know one day, one day soon, day, night and noon, our love in union will light a fire.

while i wait, you fill and empty my heart like an unpaid bill. In love,fear and sorrow my incompleteness is real. I feel, I see your love yet it looks surreal, like an illusion, a mirage without dimensional vision it looks unreal.
Now I wish the skies could chase my fears,just with a whisper of your love to my ears. I thought I had blocked my heart but you found the key and now I’m unlocked. Now I know my story is more than a history lost in heartbreaks. I’m yours, wholly and completely to make or break but be holy enough when you choose your take. Atleast for our sake love me, like divinity love me without bounds till infinity. My love for you is immortal so I can wait till the date we dance to fate and with faith do our love forever…I love you,even when you don’t believe in the world and words, believe this eight letter sentence of three words, I love you…Miss ???


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