WE ARE AT WAR…GET READY!!! by Japheth. J. Omojuwa

Since independence, there has only been one Nigerian war and that is the civil war of 1967-1970 ( the Biafran war ). For some 40 years now since that war, Nigeria has survived several events that in numerous other nations have been harbingers of war. We have had several failed and successful coup d’tats , we have survived countless misguided tribal killings, we have gone through blood shedding in the name of religion and nothing is to suggest none of these will not happen again . In the midst of all of these, including rigged elections, null elections, non-elections, demonic and draconic leaders and all, we have somehow managed to come out, though not unscathed but without the need to declare a full scale war. This is due to several reasons some of which include:

(i)                 The Divine  (ii) The fear of war due to the Biafra war experience           (iii) The love of life by the Nigerian.

Have you not noticed that the Nigerian never minds whatever happens to him/her as long as that thing does not take his life . We are like zombies, we do whatever, go wherever, say whatever, as long as we keep our lives. We prefer to live for nothing rather than die for something. This is the single most important reason the ruling elite has been able to make a global mess of an otherwise lavishly blessed nation. At the risk of sounding like a broken record let me say this again, NIGERIA IS SO RICH, THAT HER PEOPLE ARE POOR MUST BE A WONDER OF THE WORLD.


Several means have been used in keeping Nigerians at bay including failed promises, military rule and the attendant abuse and fear culture. The modern strategy they are using in keeping this nation down and its people impoverished is election rigging. Our educational system is in shambles hence Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had to go to Togo for his post primary education. Togo! For secondary education! Our universities are more or less special secondary schools hence the failed bomber had to study in London, and now that has come full cycle and a whole nation of over 150million people are being branded terrorists by America who should know better. Do you blame them? Please don’t. You probably want to blame your so called leaders for leading this nation into the most nadir of states, a nation on a tempestuous sea without a rudder, a country whose brand value and quality you see on the faces of the hungry and downtrodden, a nation whose pretense at having a vision you hear in carefully crafted stale words that ironically come in form of news. Vision 20/2020 is a charade.


The only vision I see, is that where you will decide to stop this menace of evil, stand up to this chariot of cannibalistic cabal of charlatans who in their obvious and pathetic ignorance believe they can save this nation. How can you save a people when you need a saving yourself ? They have had 50 years to do so, they have had half a CENTURY to prove their ineptitude, emptiness and lack of a people vision. You can sit back, relax and enjoy another ride of pain, tears, blood and penury and watch them fool you to 2020 when in their usual Lionel Messi style they will dribble you again into another fruitless vision. Why not take a stand now. You don’t win except you fight but we want to win this war against tyrants and kleptomaniacs without lifting a finger. We are at war and it is a good fight of faith. It is the War Against Rigging. It spells W.A.R. It is THE WAR. You do not vote for them yet they rule you, you do not speak to them, yet they speak for you claiming to be your representatives. It is a new decade, a new era, it is time to unbuckle our collective strength and dump our cowardice in the darkness of NEPA or whatever stupid name they want to be called now.


It is time to unchain change in our nation. It does not matter whether or not they keep or sell our natural resources for their own gain now, it matters not what they say or what they do because we already know they are circus acts, they are there just for the show. They are ordinary and superficial. They are actors in the business of fooling Nigerians. This is what matters : Elections will soon be here again, not only should you vote right but you must guard your votes and join the W.A.R. This is the War Against Rigging. If they did not rig their way to power, they will care more about leaving a whole nation of hundreds of millions of people without a recognisable leader for almost two months… They won’t play kalo kalo with our common future and destiny. Soon the next to useless university education will become exclusive to those that can pay in six figures, no middle class Nigerians (if they exist) will be able to send their children to the university. We all know they can not win a dozen votes in a free and fair election even in their villages.


 Join the group on facebook, make a commitment to rid Nigeria of these rogues and decorated thieves. There is no victory without a WAR. You want your country back, join the WAR AGAINST RIGGING. If we let them rig the next general elections, we would have allowed them the licence to ruin the future of our nation and the next generation. This is the time, this the future they meant when they say you are ‘‘the future’’, that future is NOW. Spread the message, let’s combine our numbers and use every means and resource to fight the War Against Rigging. Our destiny is in our hands. Share this message, spread the message, Save Nigeria.

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