No man can succeed without being able to influence others. The greatest of men are those who use the psychology of influence to the max. The thing is, influence is inherently change. The essence of influence or influencing is to bring about change one way or the other. Some of us have made the psychology and science of influence a very useful tool in our quest for success and significance but the truth is, most of us can’t wield what they believe is exclusive to a select breed of men. Influence is indeed wieldy and it is a useful tool in every sphere of life. There is no magic or voodoo about it because you can learn it and use it to good effect in your dealings with men. Every man has the inherent ability to be influential. Influencing people is not the same as manipulating them. Manipulation makes it difficult for you to influence people the next time around and if what you are influencing people at is not benefiting them, then you most likely are manipulating them and I consider that unethical. I work with the universal principles of influence. The most important of these principles lies in the age old truth; you reap what you sow. If you can optimally put one or more of these to work, you will bring about change in men and institutions through the art, psychology and science of influence.

• Reciprocation : Tit for tat. People are always willing to pay you with the same coin with which you pay them. When you treat people right and show them that you care about them, you are putting them in a situation where you can influence them.
• Liking : People prefer to serve or be influenced by you to the level or depth at which they like you. This is very intuitive and understandable.
• Commitment : People are bound to comply with your request if it is consistent with what they have publicly committed themselves to in your presence.
• Authority : When you are seen to be credible and knowledgeable on the issue at hand, men will listen to and follow your directions.
• Consensus : Given the evidence that many like them have said yes to your request, most men will likely nod to same.
• Scarcity : If you offer people opportunities that are rare and not readily available, they often jump at them. They are influenced because they do not want to deny themselves.
If you are intelligent and ethical about the use of your skills of influence , you will always have men move for you. It even feels like magic or voodoo but it is not, it is just that men will always follow men who know and care enough to serve them in truth and in deed. Don’t just make a request, make the atmosphere conducive for your request. What did you do before your request? Well, it is far more important than your request. There is a lot more to learn about influence but I believe you will find the means of learning more. Have my best wishes as you lead your army of change agents. The world needs that. Just make sure it is for a good cause. I love you. Cheers

Yomi Balogun & Japheth Omojuwa ©

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