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A nation in turmoil, a people in the depths of penury, poverty and destitution, Nigeria needs help more than ever before. A nation where politics means blood sucking and being a minister for foreign affairs means being uncourteous, without decorum and dignity. Companies are winding up faster than it takes the Power Holding Company of Nigeria to withhold power soon after they release it. President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua is still missing. When you don’t see the president of your country for more than a sixth part of a year, you know you are in with rulers who do not have the vaguest of ideas about leadership. They kill and intimidate to win elections, they lie to Nigerians even when they say ‘‘fellow Nigerians’’ and laugh their way to foreign banks with our collective wealth. Nigeria’s economy gets raped 24 hours of everyday because no one born of a woman can stop these people alone. We can sit back, relax and let this bunch of over recycled politicians destroy the future just like they did the past and present. Imagine a nation of such natural endowments and human resource as ours being crippled by a clique of desperate men hell bent on completely annihilating whatever is left of our image home and abroad. Ojo Madueke who has served virtually every government in power including rooting for Abacha’s life presidency showed the depth of the ruling class’ ineptitude and utter lack of concern and class. They run this nation and the results are sickening. As much as I love to read the papers, I avoid them just to save my health. I love Nigeria and these things get to me. Our mothers are out there in the scorching sun with their little babies on their back trying to earn a subsistent living wage, our sisters are out there on the streets offering their bodies to the highest bidders always ready to go through the mechanical rigour of emotionally laden sex (not the emotion of love but of self pity) just so they can meet up with their school fees and other expenses, our fathers are dying in their quest to collect pensions owed them, our babies are dying of diseases and sicknesses that should not in any way have been theirs if not because some kleptomaniacs decided to convert national wealth into personal wealth, our brothers can’t go to school but they cannot pay their way through, nothing works. If we want change ,change has come! Our readiness to embrace it and pay the price is the question. The time to reclaim our country is now. You are there looking fresh and fly, feeling on top of the world because all of these problems can’t get to you either because you are in a foreign land or because you are so rich your heart has been engulfed with poverty. The sort of poverty that makes a man think he is better off if he is the only rich one in his clan or immediate society. Raise your voices, speak out, use every means within the purview of the law to defeat this cabal. They cannot stop us if we are willing and ready to have our national heritage back. They have killed Dipo Dina and a host of others but they cannot kill everyone. You have several choices : act like it’s not your business ,take up the challenge or just keep quiet. If being rich and comfortable was the whole essence of being alive then being alive would be so boring for me because just any moron with a skull can be rich. The essence of life is service…service to the people, service to your country and service to God. They won in the past because we did nothing but pray to God and wait. They will keep winning as long we just keep praying to God. We must take action NOW because God WILL NOT do what man must do. Our destiny as it always was, is in our hands.



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  1. I sincerely hope that this isn’t just another vain talk and that Nigerians will indeed do something….or maybe we can bear more to our elastic limits…then we can finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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