TOUCH ME…TAKE MY HEART Written by Japheth Omojuwa

I should not have left you bereft of my presence

Why would I leave you without the aura of my essence

I longed to be wrapped in the warmth of your heart

I walked , ran , jumped ,hopped and even soared

I could not get to you as tears from my eyes poured

I’m sorry in truth as I did hurt you in fact.



Like that sweet song we both love to sing

Put the blame on me as long as I keep your ring

To see your face, I tried to come through many ways

I punched the pads, dialled the numbers knelt and prayed

My feet hurt ,my fingers and heart bled even as time delayed

I am sorry my love and I will be all of my days


I am sorry my sweet candy and this I know

I will do all within and all I can to never leave you alone

If I break this words ,let my heart fail me

I will swim the seas, walk the earth and fly through the heavens

Just so we can be together as I sing to you blissful tunes

Touch my parts and taste my heart as yours forever I’ll be.


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