By now Mariah had started uttering some inaudible comments. I almost felt like she was enchanting me. Enchanting me? I didn’t need no doctor to tell me I had a patient in my hands because Mariah seemed to be breathing in the air of insanity. All she wanted was to get screwed.

Japheth: this edition feels like a bit over the top but remember our character is a PERVERTED celibate so obviously he wasn’t always a saint.Just read through and avoid reading too much into the sex stuff.Thank you

By now Mariah had started uttering some inaudible comments. I almost felt like she was enchanting me. Enchanting me? I didn’t need no doctor to tell me I had a patient in my hands because Mariah seemed to be breathing in the air of insanity. All she wanted was to get screwed. That I believe is the only cure for this mental madness. This is a lady in a delirium of euphoria. That sounds like a mental illness innit? I reached for my Kling Tite (a condom made from animal membrane costing a fortune in relation to the ones you are used to). Though expensive, they give this feeling of having sex without the impediment of feeling a rubber rather than your partner’s skin. I dressed my rock-hard protruding muscles. I did all of this without letting go of her body. I could not stand the risk of her being healed of my touch. I turned her back towards me as I squeezed her breasts even harder. Her moans were reaching a high now and something within me felt she was using that to call for her dad to come save her. I felt like this lady wanted me dead or how else do you explain all the incessant moans when nothing was yet inside her. Her moans would have filled the air were it not for the now lonely musical videos playing on the TV screen. I was suddenly being gripped by hesitation. I could stop here and live or cross the border and …well that is not a given yet. At this point my head told me the chances of living for the next two hours were lower than that of my dead body being discovered. Mario Da Costa: Missing sounded like a possible announcement in days time even though by then my dead body could possibly be rotting somewhere in a forgotten village. By now, my heart was beating faster than it ever did since my birth. I felt like I was going to swallow my breath in death. Suddenly, thoughts of great men who had died through their quest for sex crossed my mind. My name will stand out on that list but only if my death is finally recorded. Cowardice has never been written or said next to my name but if I end up giving this sick patient the shots it needs to be healed I could end up a brave dead man. Sounds like a strong dead lion and a weak living goat. Which of them is guaranteed the next meal? I thought man was never to live by bread alone. I was always going to die by the gun anyway so dying by the way through which I came to this world wouldn’t be a bad idea anyhow. With Mariah’s back facing me (ever heard of fender to bumper?), I raised her gown up to her waistline and I sat my butt on the chair directly facing the stairs her father would use if or more aptly when he decides to come down to the sitting room. I slid her beautifully embroidered pants a bit down just at the trough of her bum.Right on the crest of her bum is this beautifully needled tattoo of a cherry blossom.The Cherry blossom as a symbol could mean one of two things: female beauty and love but one practical meaning about this flower is the fact that it blooms for a very short while,much like what my life is playing out to be.I am about to have my final bloom before fading.Tattoos on the bum always raise my adrenaline boost but this sent my blood gushing even faster.By now I could see she was dripping wet or should I say soaked. I guided her body down like she was going to sit on my legs but when she landed, she was sitting on my pleasurable, hard, thick, fleshy nail. She gave a housssssssssssssssssss sound to acknowledge her soft hard landing. I was so engrossed in the sweet pleasure of finally getting inside her as we both started an alternating movement that kept the equilibrium of our joined bodies intact as I slid in and out of her. She was doing her bit to come up and down. As I jerked, my heart beat increasingly at an increasing rate as I began to understand what my economics professor meant by something increasing at an increasing rate. I knew the only chance I had to survive this act was to pay attention to any terrestrial movements but by now my heart was closing up, my eyes getting shut even as I kept hearing albeit faintly the moans and groans of the animal on top of me. She used to be a sweet talking beautiful lady called Mariah but now I bet she knows nothing about anything but ouuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssaaamariooooo. She was getting screwed in her dad’s sitting room contrary to her earlier impossible impossibility claims but the baffling thing was the way she went about the business like nothing else mattered anymore. I was having arguably the sweetest sex of my entire life but one I fear will be my last. I could see images of my mum dressing me up for my first day of school while my dad’s eyes flashed with pride. I saw my glowing young innocent face as I helped to decorate Snowy our snow man during our winter holiday in the United Kingdom when I was about four years old. I saw images of several sex ordeals and quests as they played out in an unending reel even as I looked into the face of the woman who led me through this path of perdition, a journey my soul craves to run from, a path whose end I can see now. I saw myself beaten by the showers rained down by the tears of girls whose hearts I had shattered, most of them incapable of loving any mortal being again. I saw my body clothed by the blood of the unborn babies, my unborn babies splattered on my soul. These ones could not live because I got them aborted before they did. I trudged along this dark cold tunnel. Darkness like I had never seen before even though I live in a nation where darkness is a brand in NEPA and Power Holders, coldness like I had never felt even though I have been in Russia’s Moscow in the cold sub-zeros of several winters. My blood flow ceased as I raised my head to see a man dressed in blood-red pyjamas pointing his two hands at me. This must be the man to welcome me home. His looks like that of the lady I was having sex with a while ago. Mariah’s dad? He had a shiny metal in each of his stretched hands. They looked like some James Bond pistols. They are my death messengers. His eyes shone through the darkness of my path to hell even as my forehead and heart seemed to be his targets. Surely my heart and head deserve what they will get. Everything happened through them. When those are taken from me, I will be a free man or will I be dead? He moves to pull the trigger but I had to save his daughter who could get hit by her father’s bullets. If I must die today, I want to die alone. Leading another soul to her death with all of my old sins would only cause more grief to my soon to be translated soul. Like a movie moving in a really slo mo, I saw the bullets approaching , two of them coming at me like an avalanche of fury at the speed of death. Mariah’s head is not where I wanted it to be, it looks like I won’t be going down to hell all alone after all even as I close my eyes before the impending impact of death.

PS:What do you think of the story so far?

Happy New Year and a New decade.If you always dreamt of a season where our generation would finally and almost completely take hold of proceedings,this is the decade. 2010-1010 IS the future they meant when they said we are leaders of tomorrow.Tomorrow is practically here and it starts tomorrow 1st January 2010 if it has not already started with you.This year I want more Wisdom,Wealth,continued miraculous sound health and ultra-supernatural prosperity.I will live in the bliss of fulfilment. I have God so I am in Mighty hands. I wish you same.

Japheth Joshua Bolaji Omojuwa (31st December,2009)

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