‘‘Baaaby, I wanna do all of the things your man won’t dooooooo, I’ll do them for you…’’. While the songs played on, my mind kept wandering like that of a nailed con artist. I kept asking myself if I had done enough since the wee hours of the day when I unlocked myself to Mariah till now when it looks all like I could finally go for the kill. I kept rubbing on her fingers and hands like I was not conscious of it, while my mouth was losing moisture faster than the Sahara desert. Like a dash of momentary insanity, I gently dropped my food tray, calmly helped Mariah drop hers and raised her hands as if to dance. When she finally got on her feet, I could see that she was altogether lost in the atmosphere. ‘‘Let’s dance baby’’, and with a voice that sounded like a weak whisper she said ‘‘what took you so long?’’. My usual tact and skill seemed to have deserted me. It must have a lot to do with the fear of death hanging around my quest to do the unthinkable. When I bent Mariah’s head over my arms in salsa-like fashion, my lips reached for hers and much like a saturated magnetic field, our opposite poles jumped into attraction. Her mouth was completely dry, much like mine. To achieve the ultimate I set out for, I had to get this move perfectly well. If I don’t kiss her long and well enough, enough to erode reality from her thoughts and translate her to a fairy tale fantasy world, that’d be the farthest I’d go with her, just the kiss. So I had to be very patient, gentle and dexterous. After about 13 minutes or so of kissing ( I counted the minutes because my mind was as much on the job at hand and my environment ),I acted like I wanted to pull away but I could feel her resistance. I felt the time had come to get my hands even busier. I needed to find her kill-spot fast if anything had to happen. While it looked like her lips won’t be far from her most-sensitive-part-of –the body list, I had more than enough experience to know that there is that spot that’ll help deprive her of the use of her natural senses to a state of unconsciousness. I decided to finally engage my hands as hers were already on my chest anyways. I reached for her breasts and pressed gently on them. She placed her hands on mine over her breast as if to say ‘‘squeeze harder ‘‘, but I did not bother. I am conducting the drama and this is my orchestra, I give the directions. I could not stop thinking of her ‘‘kill spot’’ because without that I would not be able to ask her one or two questions regarding my safety and also getting into my protective boots might be a tough call. My instincts concluded it will be one of two places, her ears, her nape, her navel or her nipples with the outside chance of her inner thighs. Of the named options, her ears were the closest to my lips as they were still very much busy with her face. By now we had kissed for some twenty minutes and we had generated more liquid than the Niagara Falls. Mariah’s pointed nose is one of the defining features of her sweet face and I kissed it like one of those ice creams I never wanted to finish when I was younger. I moved for her ears and immediately noticed a hint of hesitation which had to be an unconscious act as it was so subtle. It looks like her ears are the gate that will lead  us to that state of no return. Her hesitation is a reaction at not wanting to lose total control. It was an instinctive move. I stealthily progressed from her lips to her nose and finally to her left ear. While I was at it, I was simultaneously pressing very hard on her breasts and I heard her moan for the first time. That was a very encouraging sound and it was sweet too. Could it be because I had landed on the spot or because I pressed her harder. The only way I could find out was to relax one move for the other. I stopped pressing hard and instead sucked into her ear. From her pinna, to her lobes and I was sure my tongue was reaching into her auditory meatus. The moans were coming faster and louder now but they were beginning to scare me. I kept the ear sucking thing on as I pressed my turgidity in-between her thighs. She had to be as wet as the Atlantic ocean now and I felt we had both reached the point of no return. I withdrew a bit to look into her face and she looked down and out. ‘‘I think we are going to wake your Dad,’’ ‘‘Yeah, we will wake him and he will kill you.’’ ‘‘wow, I’d rather die trying to have you than live regretting I never tried and live a loser.’’ I quickly reached for her breasts again with my left hand, reaching for thighs with my right. Gosh, she was just so wet or should I say soaked. I will swim in this ocean knowing that any mistakes and I might be swimming to hell. It soon dawned on me that , the question had changed from whether I’d sleep with Mariah to whether I was ready to die by the gun doing so.  

PS: Chapter V is the sub-climax to this part of the book. It is for me the most engaging chapter. Please avoid reading further if you haven’t read chapter one because you just might get the wrong impressions. Explicit contents will follow here on. Thank you for reading and all of those messages. THANK YOU.

Mario says to you , Merry Christmas. I do too. Cheers .

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